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Our Body: the Sun God RA

Eye of Horus

There so much to show and tell you, let's start at the base. the Reptilian Brain. The Reptilian brain is in charge of the autonomic aspects of our body. The Reptilian brain represents the devil? Why? Because Melanin has 6 electronis, 6 protons, 6 neutrons and the Limbic system runs on Melanin. The Limbic system is the Brain Stem and the Cerebellum and it's quite important to balance the devil snake like aspect of the lower brain with our higher mind.

When our heart beats we don't have to think about our heart beating. This is good as it would be quite distracting to tell it to pump every second of so. The autonomic ram pump system is automatic. It takes care of your breathing, all kind of hormonal exchanges, and all these things happen without you having to think about it. Is the real god It?

Limbic System
Starship Enterprise

From the Cerebellum to the Limbic and travelin on thru the Cortex then taking a 360 at the Prefrontal "the most advanced curves", the third eye sway. Now the Limbic Brain bridges all the other aspects of our brains together and they call this the bird brain. It all comes down to our emotional bird brain.

It's time to take control of the higher aspects and take charge lovingly, remember Oneness. Your blood pressure and how your nervous system works all can be controlled by your thoughts. You can speed up and slow down your blood pressure just by your thinking. Even though the lower portion of the brain takes care of the auto functions it can get into negetivity.

The Limbic brain can allow you to control the negetivity on the mental and emotional level that shows up. The Limbic Brain is the Emotional Brain. We're rising up from the Reptilian to the Bird just like the dinosaurs did.

You have a falcon head, or a condor head. The God of Horus, The God of Ra, The Goddess Innana are all part of the Limbic Brain.

The Devil is all by instincts and survival and the Limbic brain is where emotions come in. Our emotions and behaviours can override the basic instincts of ourselfs.

The Limbic system and in perticular the hippocampus "Seahorse" and the amygdala that is associated with the planet mars is a good reason to get emotional.

Alergy reation, flight or fight response, amoung others. The prefrontal cortex inputs into the amygdala. The link between the prefrontal cortex, septal area, hypothalamus, and the amygdala likely gives us our gut feelings, those subjective feelings, about what is good and what is bad.

The Hippocampus and the Amydala is assicated with long term memory.

  King Tut
King Tut is very emotional

Hippocampus Seahorse
Wild Wild West


Emotions are really tied into a sence of smell and closely associated with the Limbic system. Our breathing really ties us into emotions and your sence of smell is your first defense out in the wild.

You can smell something before you can see or hear it. The petuitary connects to our front tear ducts and the pineal connects to the back part of our eyes.

The upper eyebrow is the corpus callosum "Nerve fibers" and is what connects the left and right hemespheres of the brain. The Corpus Callosum are the wings on top of the medical staff which shows the Chakra system overlayed on the Endocrine system.

The Eye of Horus "the Falcon headed God".

Most of the Dieties are referring to this part of the brain. The Eye fits right over the ventricals. The first Ventrical has a line that goes back as does the the eye of horus. The Eyebrow is the upper part of the ventrical. The eye of Horus represents the bird brain and it's different aspects as it spirals back to the Cerebellum. We now know the Cerebellum and the Spinal Cord are both parts of the Reptilian brain.

Susie and the Ventricals

The Eye pulpil ties in the lower brain to the upper brain together with the middle brain, the Limbic brain. The ventricals are filled with Cereberal spinal fluid which is like water and carries frequency. The fluid goes through the pineal gland and the pituitary gland and differentiated into an electrical force. The Eye ball in the Eye of Horus actually relates to the Thalamus. You have two Thalamuses and they connect thru the junction, the gap, the Optic Thalamus. "the Ark of the Covenant".

There are three nerves which go down the spinal column and they are the spinal cord, the pingala and the ida. The pingala comes from the pineal gland and it is electric "+" and male and it goes down the spinal cord. On the other side is the pituitary gland, it is feminine "-" and it's very “Mary”. Joseph and Mary, the honey and the milk because they secrete honey and milk, respectively. They didn't even have to bother the bees. Holy colostrum batman!.

She sends down a magnetic energy. The fluid goes all the way down to the sacral chakra, the second bottom chakra, below the solar plexus.

Sacral is the word secret and the secret is upstairs in heaven, in the cerebrum, the holy colostrum, or in other words, the Santa Colos-trum and you’ve got to go all the way down the chimney to bring the present down to the sacred place where the sacred plexus is connected to the five sacral bones of the 33 vertebrae.

Sacral Vertebrae
Secral Bones

  Pingala and the Ida

There are 5 sections of the vertebrae. The second most bottom section is 5 fused vertebrae called the “sacrum vertebrae”, so this is the “Sacred Secret”. Every 29 and a half days, the moon will be in the sign that your sun was in when you were born. When the moon is there, in that fluid there is a seed born and it’s born in the solar plexus so every month, when the moon is in your sun sign, that “germ” is placed in Bethlehem. Bethlehem is the solar plexus.

It’s the Virgo in the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, the belly region. That’s Bethlehem, the house of bread. Virgo is the one who has the sheath of grain in her hands. “Beth” means “house” and “lehem” means “bread”. She is the virgin mother of the child, that seed that is born in the solar plexus every month.

If we eat the fruit, drink alcohol or have sex during that time of the month, the seed is wasted, gone forever. The male with the orgasm has just wasted the seed and he has spoiled that Christos secretion that came from Santa Claus, the colostrum, differentiated by the two parents of the child, Joseph and Mary who are awaiting the return of the Christ.

Jesus is returning

If you don’t waste that Christ seed, you are able to then transmute that seed as it proceeds ever upward and returns whence it came. What happens eventually is this fluid comes to a place called the pons and the medulla oblongata, which is one of the four brains of the human being.

We have the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and the solar plexus. When it arrives there, it crosses the pneumogastric nerve: pneumo meaning air, or the lungs and gastric is the stomach. So this is the nerve that supplies the stomach and the lungs. If you look at it, it looks like a tree. And both of those nerves come from the pineal gland and the pituitary gland in one of the four chambers called the four ventricles in the brain. In between those two glands is the optic thalamus.

Tune into the Star of David cymatic frequency, the MerKaBa. This should help invoke the seeking of the god power. The thalamus relates to the sun which is the ego in your astrology chart. This sun god which is actually an aspect of ourselfs is inside your bird brain. That sun is in the center of your head "like a snail shell", very accurate and directly in the center.

If you can access and open this area of the brain, this is what enlightenment is all about. When you start opening the higher aspects of the mind, light just fills the inside of your brain, illuminates your energy, cleanses your meridians and aligns your chakras.

The Limbic brain is where the God Horis or the God RA and his Female counterpart Inanna lives. That's the Limbic brain. When we judge we are unable to see that we live on the garden of eden. The garden of edin is not a place on the planet. We are the fallen ones. We fell from a higher vibration "possibily even a diamond star seed". Now we're getting ourselfs back in a proper relationship with the spirit and our ancestors.

As we open the higher aspects of the phisical chakras, we must remember to balance first. Using the twin Thalamus's, we can take charge of both Sexuality and Creativity which is a very viable and important part of us. This brings up the Dung Beetle and the Beetlejuice galaxy.

the Dung Beetle expaning it's wings
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

The Beetle, the Two Wings and the Sun Disc. The Beetle is associated with the solar god Kheper "the god of the Rising Sun". It was Kheper's title to push the Sun across the sky. Just like the dung beetle pushing the dung with the larvae inside. The wings of the dung beetle is our Corpus Callosum "eyebrow fibers". Our twin Thalamus's are the Dung Beetle's body. Does that Scarab you? The Scarab "the transforming strengh of Ra".

The Dung Beetle also represent the two snakes, the two kundalini channels that spiral up thru the chakra system. So we Jesus and Mother Mary running the twin Thalamus's using the dung beetle as a cover, expanding thru the Corpus Callosum completing the Oneness with Ra. The Thalamus's are Ra.

Ra the Sun God

As we open and tune into Scarab power, then we begin to manifest our own power within ourselves. It has alot to do with what we visualize and what our emotions are attuned and attached with in the visualizations. The Endrocrin system is the physical manifistation of the chakra system.

The Endrocrin system runs on hormones witch are governed mainly by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus releases the instructions to the petuitary and the petuitary releases hormones to let the Endrocrin come into being for further processing.

Our emotions are key, extremly important to how and what we do within our mind, our body and in the world. We got to get contol over this. Jesus represents the higher limbic enotions. So go awaken yourself. We've gone to sleep and we need to wake up. We have gone down to our lower minds in desire and illusion.

Have a constant connection to the spirit and the universe and know it. Feel it. That is being fully awakened and fully enlightened. It's a known feeling like a 6th sence.

When the oil rises "the mercury in the thermometer" and it passes the pneumogastric nerve where it gets “crucified”. Joseph and Mary are happy that their son is crucified because unless he is crucified, he cannot save the world.

You cannot be saved unless that oil touches the optic thalamus, which is shaped like an egg. The Greeks called it, “the light of the world”. That’s why Jesus said, “I’m the light of the world. No one goes through the father except through me” because the Father is the Cerebrum and we are longing to return to that part, to ascend.

Because Aries dwells there, Aries is the right brain; Taurus is the left brain, the cerebellum. The medulla oblongata is the 3rd brain and the bottom brain, the solar plexus, is where most of humanity is still dwelling because they can’t get past Bethlehem.


Megatron Testis

They can’t save that seed because they have been living righteously like the prodigal son and squandering that seed like Onan, the son of Judah… the son of Israel did with his seed and he was killed for it.

Our body is the temple, there is a part of the body that is called the temple. Reach up and hold both sides of your temple. The part that your touching is the sphenoid bone. The "owl shaped" sphenoid bone has a little indentation that the petuitary sits in. The sphenoid bone is the "arc of the covenent".

The "owl shaped" sphenoid bone

And we have several trees in our anatomy which are basically toroidal fields "merkabas". Your brain and the nervious system, Your nerve cells and dendrites. They look like trees. Great then, How do angels fit in within our inner beings?

Jacob had a dream about angels going up and down a staircase. The angels are messangers from heaven. We have heaven represented by the upper crown chakra and the earth represented by the root chakra.

The messagers go up and down the ladder which is our spine. They bring messages back and forth from god to us and from us to god. Mercury is the one who governs the nervious system and about bringing messages down to the physical body which are motor then the signals that go back to the brain is sensory.

Jacob's Ladder
Just waiting on Jacob

There are 7 arc angels. The arc angels are the highest angels. We have 7 cervical vertebrae of upper spine. Each one of the 7 Cervical Vertebrae looks like angel wings and each one has a different kinda wing structure within it. The Angels are related to the spinal cord and brings messages to and from the body.

Cousin It

Some of your conciousness is in your root which is where the kundalini resides. Your root power and your root conciousness. As somebody begins to pass away the conciousness begins to rise up out of the body thru the spinal cord. That is the tunnel of light and the nervious system carries memory.

As your going thru this tunnel of light you are reliving things that happened to you in the past. As you go up you go out the spot that use to be the soft spot that the energy conciousness came in. You have free will to love and master it.

the Soft Spot
Lovely Vortex

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