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Ra Chemistry: Melanin and Serotonin


Pineal Gland Activation, the Pituitary Gland, and the Eye of the Soul. The Pituitary processes Serotonin and Melanin as positive and negative voltages like an AC outlet. The Serotonin is your awake (+) state and the Melatonin is your sleep (-) state. The Serotonin is White and the Melanin is Black.

the Pupil

Your Circadian Rhythm. A circadian rhythm is any biological process that cycles around the 24 hour day. During the daytime when the sun is out and bright, light enters the eye and projects thru the retina and causes light-sensitive receptiors containing melanopsin to communicate directly with the suprachiachiasmatic nucleus (SNC) in the brain.

The light exposure or lack thereof let's your brain know whether it's day or night. The SCN then communicates with the Pineal Gland to release Melatonin in the darkness.

Melatonin is produced from Serotonin.

There two hoemones are inexorably linked.

The colors in our chakra's starts in our eyes where three types of cells called “cones” measure the amount of red, green, and blue light hitting the retina. The three types of cones are in fact “short, medium, and long” wavelengths and actually respond to a range of wavelengths, with a certain level of response for different wavelengths.

Eye Color Vision

The signals from these cones don’t go straight to the brain; they first pass through a pre-processing filter, and it’s this filter that explains the mysteries of color. Actually there are three filters.

  Filter #1
Filter #2
Filter #3
  Red Green Cone
Red Green - Blue Cone

Red Green Blue Cone

The more Red there is, the more positive the signal; the more Green, the more negative the signal. If there’s relatively equal amounts of Red and Green — whether neither of both, a little of both, or a lot of both — the signal is zero.
Blue is opposed with a combination of both the Red and Green channels. The Red and Green cones are stimulated either when there’s literally both red and green light (like a CSS coder #FFFF00 to create yellow) stimulates both the Red and Green cones.
Measures the quantity of light without regard to what hue it is. This is “how bright,” or “luminance” in color-theory parlance.

And Magenta? It comes from full Red and Blue with no Green, activating Filter #1 full-positive, Filter #2 at zero. It’s not a physical wavelength of color, it’s just a combination of outputs from two filters.

Four primary colors? Yes, Our eyes process colors from four primary colors. Every direction and cardinal direction is covered as part of the frequency spectrum. Melanin and Saratonin is the voltage that processes the cone and rod filters that allows us to see with full color.

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