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Mythology, and Rituals of an Esoteric Path


Esoteric Path
Yogi on the Path to Gaumukh

What are Vampires? There's no origin for vampires and Dracula is very real.

Dracula - Introduced in the Early 1800's and is from the Dracos star constalation. Vimpires fly and they like blood so if your out alone at night, watch for bats. During the beginning of Pieces 20,000 years or so ago, The Dracos came out of the water like torpedoes and took off flying. They didn't have to worry about climbing trees "because walking fish can't climb trees".

Mexican Walking Fish
Mexican Walking Fish Pose

Females are more vampiric, other people are seeing vampires as more male. How about both sexes attached? The Female vampires go back to Lilith from Astrology. Lilith eating her babies, killing her lovers. Very dark and demonic. They say that Adam was kicked out of the garden because he got another wife. That was Lilith and she brought out his dark side.

Lilith represents when a man is attracted to in a female the darker goddess aspects that some men find irresistible. Sasabonsam from West Africa is our Male Vampire. In the Ashanti tribe, the being lives in the trees and flys and grabs with his legs onto the innocent or maybe not so innocent victim and does a twist lock hold move. Up in Da bush. There's lot's of beings Up in Da bush. You've never really seen or heard of these entities. Ferries and Deva's, the Grays "little short people", trolls and such.

Sasabonsam Male Vampire

What does in mean to be a vampire on a mystical occult level? There are orders that dedicate themselves to the vamperic lifestyle from the undead realm "hollow earth theory, go figure". Europeans in London are way more into the undead then even the Russians. In Russia, vampires are very popular. "the Real True Whites".

There are both energy and blood vampires. The energy vampires take and use peoples energy and do certain things with the energy. Male and Female and they like to do it during the sexual experiences and when your asleep. They pattern themselfs like cats. A cat can stoop over you when you sleep and take your breath and grab some of your energy. Cats, Crows and Lizzards. Cat's are very mystical. They're always up at 3am.

Cat like features
Cat like features

People that are initiated into the vampiric clan can take your energy during sex. There's men and woman out here/there that do this crippling of people's energies. School of the Vampire, or also the true Satanic Vampire's. Eve started having her cycles after she ate the forbidden fruit. Women are from Lemuria, the land of Mu.

The ladies didn't have cycles. They were more in nature with the animals that also didn't have cycles. The snake is a Vampire that came to eve "the earth" and caused her to bleed because he wanted her blood. This is going to take us into the modern day Satanic Vampires. the Real Satin. Us, the stubborn males.

Alot of you have turned into Satinists. But wait, there's a solution, don't be dependend on blood "Oil of Gaia" of the planet to exist. This is what causes the currency to go up and down. You are a vampire because you depend on it to exist and live. Indiginious people live where the oil is taken from and fight "barter for the land resources" for cheap. The Land Pays which is in unity with us all. Please be aware.

Gaia Mama


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