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You are the dreamer. All is your reflection.

The source of all dreams is the dreamer. Wake up inside your Dream and reconize everything you are experiencing. Dreaming with the Fabric or Creation itself, we travel to infinite higher plains. Astral Projection.

The brain has a vast network of light signals, electrical pulses, firing off like starbursts among a living sea of consciousness, with a visual
resemblance much like the universe. The human brain is modeled very similarly to the Universe.

You are the dreamer

Think back to those first experiences you had when you would begin dreaming about fantasies you had just read about or stories your parents and friends spoke of. Think back to as far as you can, around the time that you began dreaming. Do you remember how real some dreams felt?

The source of all dreams is the dreamer. You are the dreamer. All is your reflection. All is now, and as you exist now, you always have existed, and always will. Death is nothing more than awakening from one dream into another.

Dream the Portal open: (Astro Travel)

Astro Travel

In order to understand how to Astrotravel, you must first learn about your "soul body". Before you can understand the soul body, you must first understand this "soul plain". We all came from the soul plain "astro realm".

You have a connection to the soul plain every night when you go to sleep and dream. This is the only way you can experience the soul plain and you must connect with your dreams to experience your waking realities.

Devine Cosmic Mother


The story starts is mama's womb. Lot's of time sleeping, unconscious but conscious, connecting to the oneness with and thru to the soul plain. You always have to sleep when you enter a new physical reality as a baby and in your dreams. You experience these periods of sleep so you can always connect back with the higher soul plain in order to experience this reality.

If your soul is lost, you either lost it "like the disposable penis song", or it's been sold "claim jumped". If you can't sleep at night, it's because you've sold your soul. All the time working in commerce and life and then getting 4 hours of sleep every night will take it's toll. You as a soul have to experience a certain amount of time for sleep and meditation. 8 hours, they say. If you are getting 4 hours of sleep a day, take more time for meditation, 4 hours somehow to allow for your soul body to heal and regenerate.

By learning to astro travel, you are connecting with your soul. You astro travel alot of times when your asleep but you don't remember. Now, every time you leave your body during sleep, you get introduced to the "Dark Brotherhood". The Arcons, "the dark visitors & rulers". What were you thinking about before you went to bed? Now just like "Men in Black" they have the memory eraser thingie and they may allow you to remember your dreams.

the Arcons

Asleep and leaving on trip so soon? Off to see the dark brotherhood, are you?. Souls and Enemies are in this plain and they might and probably don't want you to remember the soul plain. If they did allow you to remember you could shift around and fix your problems here quicker "the quickening". Who's the fastest at the Rubics Cube? The Arcons are in the Antimatter realm.

the Arcons

There are three ways to Astro Travel. You can leave you body thru your heart center, the "heart chakra", thru the crown chakra "feet first and head last", and last the G spot. "The male G-spot is actually the P-spot".

When you leave thru the GP spot, you leave head first. When you leave your body thru the G or P spot, this is when your dreams will be dark and nightmarish. When you dream of love and connections with family in the dream, you're dreaming thru the heart chakra. Vision Dreams; "things that may happen in the future, real reality" are connecting thru the crown chakra. You have to see yourself leave "feet first".

Astro Travel

All of the dreaming in the astro is to help strenghten and prepair you for life in this reality. This realm is ruled by the darker underworld. The underworld rules this phisical reality. The problems you have in this reality comes from the underworld. You know you lost your soul if you can't remember your dreams. That's the key indicator.

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