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Hominids: Homo Sapiens

The version of our homosepien vessal were living in is roughly half a million years old. Our current version walks upright and breaths air. There are different versions or "form factors (computer talk)".

Your soul is much older and it's called the "Separate Self". You have arrived here from the Ethers "A finer grade of matter called ether that permeates the atomic structure of the earth and its atmosphere". In the ethers and the ethers themselves are etheric beings that aren't in density or matter as we know matter.

On a soul level you are an etheric being. You've been around way before the homosepians. So we're all One direct from the eitheric realm. we're all reptilian, we're all homosepian, we're mostly snake and about half toad. Melanated people we're here first on this planet before Noah and the insect experiments.


The Superfamily of all apes. the Hominins. Let's go back 164 million years should be sufficient. Our earth ancestors.

  • Eomaia Scansoria (125,000,000 bc). Ancient Mother. Fossils of Volaticotherium, and the docodont Castorocauda, discovered in rocks dated to about 164 million years ago, also have traces of fur.
  • Purgatorius (65,000,000 bc) is believed to be the earliest example of a proto-primate.
  • Plesiadapis (60,000,000 bc) is one of the oldest known primate-like mammal species.
  • Altiatlasius (57,000,000 bc) Oldest stem simian (monkeys and apes).
  • Teilhardina Asiatica (55,000,000 bc). Altiatlasius is potentially the oldest known "euprimate" (primate of modern aspect), Dating to the Late Paleocene from Morocco.
  • Carpolestes Simpsoni (55,000,000 bc) is an extinct species of Plesiadapiformes, which are the earliest primate-like mammals appearing in the fossil record..
    Primates Diverged (40,000,000 bc) into the suborders Prosimians (a primitive monkey) and Anthropoids, the latter is diurnal and herbivorous. Examples of today's prosimians are tarsiers, lemurs, lorises.
  • Aegyptopithecus Zeuxis (33,000,000 bc) Dawn of Ape.
  • Anthropoids (30,000,000 bc) split into the infraorders Platyrrhini (New World Monkeys) and Catarrhini (Old World Primates). New World Monkeys have prehensile tails and migrated to South America. Catarrhines stayed in Africa as the two continents drifted apart. One ancestor of catarrhines might be Aegyptopithecus.
  • Catarrhini (Old World Primates) split into 2 superfamilies (25,000,000 bc) Old world monkeys (Cercopithecoidea) and Hominoids. The Old world monkey does not have a prehensile tail (e.g. Baboon); some do not have tails at all. All hominoids have no tails (e.g. the lesser apes, great apes and hominids).
  • Dryopithecines (23,000,000 bc) were the common ancestors of both apes and humans.

There was a time going way back when the earth was called the "Etheric Earth". The Etheric Earth is still all around us as she also existed before the physical earth. We live in the physical earth which is like a mirrored version of the eitheric earth.

Kumari Kandam
Kumari Kandam (Mu)

The world map that we have is a new map after the submersion of the great continent Lemuria, which is also known as the Kumari Kandam that existed down south of the Indian peninsula from time immemorial. According to the ancient manuscripts in Tamil, there were seven countries that existed with various kings and rulers.

Lemurian Portal and Vortex in Antartica

The origin of the human race and civilization have evolved around this submerged continent called Kumari Kandam where also one could study that even conferences had been held in honour of literature and development of the Tamil language (Tamil Sangam). The very word Kumari kandam is a chaste tamil word so the people lived in here spoke no other languages than Ancient form of Tamil.

Earthy Creations

You have and are three different Creations. You are a 3rd creation living in a human vessal. Let's look in the 1'st and the 2'nd creation here and now. The 1'st creation is and has always been to exist in the ether, pure ether "198 proof won't work". The 3rd Creation is generally what 5D is. 5D is the realm based on pure ether. The 2nd creation is based on 4D which is light. 4D is a creation based on light.

5D Realms

You have physically creation or matter which is a denser version of the other two D's. This is where the light waves have been slowed down and converts to matter. We are light beings that are not based on particles. We carry illusionary particles that are set depending on the perticular version of the matrix, "ver 3.1416" of our perception and our physical body. We are locked into the material matter which is the 3rd Creation. 3DCS "3rd Dimension and Creation based on a Light Station".

5D is the state of Gases. This is a place of Etheric Noble Gases. There's 7 of them because there are seven etheric beings that created this version of the Matrix that we live in. Remember we live in all of these creations simultaneously. Even tho you are in this physical shell, you are still in the Etheric Realm.

4D are the lights. The lights that it took to make up your body. The Chakra system is all lights. It's essistencally 6 lights merging into 7. The primary lights make up the 4D "light body". We all exist within a fall within your light body and the lights have to be fueled. The body is fueled by a gas. If you want to light the gas along the chakra's, you have to light the pilot. "just like the one on a gas stove", spark it up.

The lights are like flames. You have lights burning as red going into yellow, orange, green, blue all the way to purple. If you mix all these lights together they will turn out to be black. The crown chakra is the pineal and the pituitary and they mix the colors to a very fine black "triple darkness".

When you look into outer space and see the triple darkness, this is all the lights combined "dark matter is lit". We live inside what is called the gray area so we can't preceive certain colors.

We can only see colors that are associated with this matrix here. That's why outer space looks black to us.

5D is really the true state of the Ethers. It's the Stage of Illusion because the Ethiric Beings are over our control and were not aware.

There's different levels to Etheric Beings and they can shape shift into different physical objects because they are gases and they mastered these different gases.

Because the Etheric beings have knowledge of the 7 Nobel Gases, they created our version of the physical and of this matter based upon the different images and illusions that the've mastered in there Etheric Realm.

  Third Eye Chakra

5D is essentially the realm of illusion "real realm" if your in the prizm. The realm of imagination.

Anything they could think up or imagine, they became that. They can pipe this into your conciousness. You are connected to these beings thru an invisible force "You'll have to go ask Yoda". We are all connected to the all thru the same invisible force. We are connected to the all thru the physical cords.

They can manipulate us by sending waves thru the physical cords. What you see in the visible light spectrum is the molecules in wave form. You are a light being and you are visable because of light. Particle Wave Theory in quantum mechanics is asking: Are you are particle or are you a wave?

When looking at an Atom thru an electron microscope the atom changes and blinks. Appears and then disappears. This reality is not consistant because we are real based upon light. We are not particles, we are Waves.

You see this matrix thru your brain, not with your eyes, I was told, see with ears and listen with your eyes. 5D is equal to all of Googles Servers, "that's a good start". This is the place to be if your in spirit body form. This is from the realm of gas and ether that brings the light.

African Stone Circle
Mysterious Stone Circles of South Africa

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