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Da Most High is Within. Sits inside.

Tetragrammaton Priestly Benediction. To Be, Therefore; We Are.


When your soul agrees with your spirit, thatís two parts of your being against one.


The Spirit and the Soul


Your soul acts as a valve between the spirit and the body. When you open the valve, what’s in your spirit can flow through to your body. Depending upon how open it is, the flow of life could be just a trickle, a small stream, or rivers (John 7:38). When the valve is closed, the flow from spirit to body shuts off. The body without the spirit is dead.

Most people don’t recognize the fact that their spirits are the core of their beings. They function primarily out of their soulish realm. Adam’s body and soul (physical, mental, and emotional parts) had no life in them until “spirit” was imparted.

The meaning of 666

6 and the 9 represent the Yin and the Yang. They go back to understanding spirals. The 6 represents the one within coming out and 9 represents one who is out coming in.


666 Breaks down to the three parts of our nature. 6 is the number of the beast. We all came from the womb of space that is a black hole which is shaped like a spiral. 6 is like your leaving the black hole and 9 is when you reenter.

We come from the spiral of a black hole in one or more of the unverses and also we come from the spiral in our mothers womb. The 6 is broken down into the three parts of your nature. The beast part of you is your body. The three parts represent the three stages of the womb.

3 stages of the Human womb

The three stages of our womb development starts as a reptilian, then you progress into a gray which is more like a salamander or a walking fish then you progress into a human. There you have the three 6s. This represents the three aspects of yourself. Reptilian 6, Gray 6, and Human 6 for the beasty.

Let's flip this spiral 999 goes in the spirit part of you, the soul part of you, and the part of you that exists as a being. The Spirit, The Soul and your Existance is 999. You have to use both 666, and 999 and keep them balanced somewhere around 777 with the 3.14 curve. Spirit is ether, ether is spirit.

You have your soul and that's the memory part of you. This is the part that remembers and allow you to regain conciousness. This is the same conciousness that are in the star constilations.

You have a soul body and it looks like your body except it's more refined. Some people's soul bodies look like the agents on the lawnmower man.

Lawnmower Man

  Soul Memory

Your soul body is composed of light (chakras), that exists as a being. This is the dark aspect of yourself because of the triple darkness. Everything starts out as triple darkness as the dark hole aspect of your creation. There's a part of you that exists in this realm and that's the part we really don't understand because it's in the 6th diminsion.

Olympic Rings

Dark matter is 97 percent of the universe. They just discovered this and don't know lot about it yet. 333 indicates the divinity and the mystery of God. 123 + 231 + 312, orderly series, or 132 + 321 + 213, disorderly series. It is the manifestation of the three Trinities. In the three plains: Spiritual, Animist, and Material.

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