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Ra "Amun-Ra" (
Personification of the Sun).

Ra as the god who created everything. Ra was also considered to be an underworld god, closely associated with Osiris as Ra resurrected Osiris to rule over the dead. Ra (pronounced ray) represents sunlight, warmth and growth.

Ra - The Realm of the Gods


All Father of Creation. Ra is the most central god, the sun god, the patron of the pharaohs. His children are Shu, the God of Dry Air and Father of the Sky, and his twin sister Tefnut, the Goddess of Moisture and Wetness.

Ra - The Father of Creation
© Bill Stanley - The Egyptian God Ra

Enlil's grandaughter is Isis Ishtar. Marduk Ra, Enki's oldest had a ranking of 40. Ishtar wanted queenship and to take over the world and that is what her grandfather Enlil would have wanted. She conspired to undue her grandfather Marduk Ra. Marduk had a twin brother Ningishzidda. Ningishzidda and his sister attempted to undue Enlil. If they failed he would have to be banquished to the moon.

He would have to live on the moon. Ishtar Isis was very unhappy so she decided to go merry the son of Enki. His name was Dumuzee "Marduk's younger brother". Marduk went to arrest Damuzee so he couldn't merry Isis. Ishtar plotted and planted then did the ambush. When Marduk's forces went the arrest Damuzee, however Isis ready cut his head off. So she put her fiancee to death.

Dragon of Marduk
Dragon of Marduk

Isis planted all evidence on Marduk and accussed him of killing his younger brother. Marduk ended up conducting war to protect himself and hid in the Gaza Paramid. He was sealed inside the Paramid then he became the great god Amen. AmenRa or Marduk (RaMarduk, AmenRa).

Amun Re
Amun Re

He was sealed in the Paramid and he was able to escape and he reentered the heavens and he promised a thousand many would come back. Ishtar Isis decided to seduce her Grand Uncle "Ansu". She got him drunk and seduced him and stole the Tablets of Destiny. His brother Enlil had to go after Isis.

Enlil and Isiah had to chase after Ishtar and they finally caught her and she gave up the Tables and then she swore she would one day come back she would take over planet earth and then she flew off into the heavens. I hear that there is a force that's going to save mankind and take us to paradise and it's called Ashtar Command.

Ashtar Command

Ra is crutial here and the history of "Wolf People" reads like a soap opera on steroids. Ra fleeding to the heavens thru a stargate "see the movie Stargate". Ra comes back to earth and takes out his father Enki. He get's rid of Isis, He gets rid of everyone except those that accept the way of Amen.

Ra becomes the one and only sun god. He's a prince born of the creator god who has gone away and come back. The second comming of the lord creator. Ra comes back with a new ally. He has new baggage. Someone who is willing to underwrite his resolutions, someone who is willing to move in with him and undue the Serious King.

What person would be able to underwright and undermine the Serian king? What is the headgear that Ra wears? He wears a reptilian snake. She's the queen and she said your screwed with my check and that's enough and she took Ra and sucked him into her Vagina and go down there dude and do it for me, She said.

Amen Ra

The Lord God Ra becomes the only god on earth. The reptilian queen knows you don't trust the Wolfman. She sends some of her distant relatives some reptilian hybrids created specifically to serve the queen. The Shetu Hybrids "little lizzard people that look like reptoids" and they follow and abey the queen directly.

Now the Shetu hybrid beasts also were created to serve the system. The one thing they were extremely good at was minipulating the stone cutting machinery. They were master stonecutters. They could use the equipment and get the stones so percise you could slip them together and you can't slip a piece of paper between or even a piece of hair.

Perfect Wall in Cusco
Perfect Wall in Cusco

The Stone cutters as the matter of fact Enlil and Creacia used to use some of the Shetu before the beast. There were Shetu hybrids on planet earth working for the Serian King and now for Ra even before man was born. The Shetu were the administrators of Ra, the reptilian queen's insurance that Ra would always obey.

Ra changed the records but not the humans memories. Now what? Ra says guys don't you have a technology that would allow me eliminate memory? O Yea, Technology, reprogramming the brain. The reptilians are famous for it. Let's reprogram there brains. The Lord God Ra called to the Shetu Stone Cutters "they were loyal because they were slaves" and he said guys, I want you to erase the humans memories.

Men in Black
Men in Black Memory Zapper

I want you to setup a reprogramming center and I want you to march them in there one by one and I want you to reprogram there brains they will never remember anything above and beyond my existance. There will be no memory beyond the year 6,000bc.

The Shetu lizards began to take row number one and they marched them down a long dark tunnel into the reprogramming center where the lights were bright. And when the beasts came out of there they were like "yes sir, anything you say". They couldn't remember anything. They had one memory of Ra. That was a long tunnel and a bright light and remember that.

The Shetu Lizards were given free reign. Complete liberty to do anything necessary to get all of the hybrids and residents of planet earth to march to into the reprogramming center. Ra and Isis said look, you promised them food, you promised them all the fullfillment at the end of the light. You promised them heaven.

You had a complete and total freehand getting them into that tunnel. And from the day they were born they were taught go to the light. Your loved ones are there. Paradise is there. Go into the light and everything will be O.K. When they died they were sent into the reprogramming chamber and brought back into another physical body and back to
obeying the system, whatever was necessary, pledge allegiances, paying there taxes. Taping their memories.

Egyptian Tunnel City in The Grand Canyon
City Caves in the Grand Canyon. Khyan was a great King in Egypt.

Some of the beasts of the AFU's. What would you do if you knew you were going to be forced in a reprogramming center and forced for forget but you somehow had to keep a memory so they sneaked into caves an maked some marks, pressed down some sort of a symbol and you put it in a deepest part of a cave far away from the big city. Somewhere where weather and time were not going to get it.

Maybe someday somebody is going to climb into the cave and they will go wow, I remember this man, I remember this. So the AFU began to plant clues everywhere they could. Some of the AFU's said where else could we put clues so we could make sure. There's the moon, there's mars. The AFU's went the Mars and we'll build a face and a paramid and put the mathamatical formula in the design so maybe someday somebody will go up there and say "there's a dam face on mars" and there going to go whoo.

the Face on Mars

Somebody's going to figure out the science and figure out the mathamatics. Remember this story. The AFU's went into the tunnel's and were reprogrammed. They came out serving the system. Al right, so what? The Shetu Stone Masons, stone cutters. That was their original science. They were given freehand to do anything necessary to get the beast into the reprogramming centers.

In time the Shetu said to Ra, you are the one and only god that is dependent on us that to get everything necessary to our lord queen that said it's o.k. for you to be the king. We want it back and they kicked out lord Ra. But Ra had already figured out their setting me up so he said who can I trust? Administration of the Kingdom and my Money. Who can I trust?

Lord Ra took the administration of the kingdom, removed it from the Shetu network before the rebellion, and he said "You know what, there are a cupple of priests that I can trust. These priests Peraa & Feapou. They were trusted with the administration of the kingdom.


The Money he gave to his children. All of my offerings, you hold the money, you control the money and the Shetu Lizard's won't get it. Ra in becoming the one and only god, the one and only father was known as RaKa "Father essesence, the ultimate father".

In approx 6,000bc Ra gave the game the Ka sufix -M. The offspring and the children of. However KA-M became KAM and KAM is an ancient word for shield. The Administration of the empire was turned over to RA KA Peraa. The Ra Ka Barons. The wealth of the empire given to the Ra KAM or Ra Shield.

In 6,000bc, the two most influential groups; the RaKa Baron and the other was the RaKa Shield. You think it's funny. To have control of the money and administrations over the empire 8000 years ago and isn't it a consequence that we have the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds today.

Let's develop who the Shetu are. The Shetu undead Ra in fact they went after the RaKaPeraa and reprogrammed most of them. Some of the RakaBaron RaKaShields said i'll do anything you want as long as you give me the money and leave me alone.

Some of them sold out and the Shetu became the governments. The administrative goverment for the reptilians and the reptilian queen. The Shetu Govenernment is the root of the term Shadow or the "Shadow Government". Who are the Shetu? They were stone masons. They were the Free Masons. How many members of our society are members of these orginizations? We are very intuned.

The Shetu were the first Free Masons. Shetu means to be or to act up. Try to imagine "Little lizzard hybrids". Take a lizard and put it on it's hind legs. The lizard has a very thin body with long thin arms and legs but with a disasaur head.

The Shadow Government is everywhere you turn around and you know what they look like. You know what they look like. They look like greys. They are the original Shetu Stones Masons, they are the original resistance against Ra, They are the origianal Free Masons and they are the original Rothschilds and Rockefellers.


  Tree of Life

Gray Aliens

Doesn't it bother you that everybody says go into the light? I'm going to stand in front of you and say don't go into that damn light. When you go in that tunnel and you see that damn light here's some suggestions. Turn Around. Look out here, you don't have to look in there. You can go out there. The universe and the gaxaly is out there.

There's another light out there. You know what that light is? That is you're light. That's the light you go into. It is to reintegrate, reject all bad. And if i'm wrong Turn Around, go back into the light. If it isn't love, you'll still be there.

the Light

If these guys are benevelent why don't they just show up at central square and say "Guys, were here to help you" if they are on our side. Having ones that guided our way from atomic destruction, why don't they just show up and say guys, you're strewing up. If there benevelent they will be glad to be here. Why behind the scenes? Because it's a crock.

They don't want you to know the truth because they've been programmed and schooled. Programmed in churches, programmed everywhere so you can go into the light. Love, light, wonder, and piece but you know what. You're not going to achieve love light and piece until you realize what their selling. Slaying and selling of obedience. Control the light, screw it.

The grand harmonious universe. I don't want one grand harmonious universe. We have to think alike and look alike. You know what, I don't want one harmounious universe. I want one universe where everybeing has control of there own universe. And then when it's over I'm going home. I don't want one harmoious universe. I understand the structure but it doesn't allow for an indifference.

If pure innocient love worked why where the infents suffering such harendus abuses. Why are the first ones to get hurt the children? Why are the nuns and the priests the first ones killed on the front line? If love and light work, you can wrap yourself in the love and walk aross the freeway and you wouldn't be touched.

Freeway Crossing

Here's the secret. Wrap yourself not in the light but in enlightenment. The way to cross the freeway is to learn about the cars and trucks and the way the brakes work so you don't get hit while crossing. Awareness, enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge. If wrapping yourself in the light works, you have to plot yourself down in a rattlesnake cage and never get bit.

Be judgemental. Judgemental means making a decision. Until you make a decision, you have to take control of your life. Don't go into the light, Turn around and make judgements. Trust your guts. It's OK to get pissed if it's a valid emotion. I'm going this way. That way is there universe.

This is mine. My judgement. My gut say's i've got to do this. There's this experiment called Free Will and it depents upon rejects. It depends upon renegades who are willing to follow there passion. It's a judgement call to be very judgemental. I don't care how nice he or she is. I'm going over here.

Concept Judgement

I'm asking you to make judgements. I'm asking you to trust your guts. What I am hoping happens here is you go and remember that. I knew this. It's in your guts and you feel it. I'm saying it's a crock and i'm the antichrist, go for it.

Some people that go to the light are going to have wonderous experiences. If one of us goes into the light and she's programmed to tell us great things. There trying anything they can to get us to go into the light to allow the abduction and allow the grays to resoul you. If that works for you, then AMen. My suggesstion, the light is a trap.

Why are there ways hidden? The government is trying to say there's no such thing as UFOs. What we should be asking is Who are they and what are they doing here? That's what's crucial. Some of them are benevelent. Yea, there are some good guys and there are some bad guys. These guys are trying to keep the system going and keep this under control. Every once in a while a renegade star system goes down and screws the loop.

Georgia Guidestones
Georgia Guidestones

Baal-Ea Lord Star alignment and the renegade enslavement technique. Tesh is a gathering place. A wholly place. A church. He fled to a star system and created a new coliny. It was called "Baal-Ea Tesh". This star system is apprised of renegades. Rejects from star system all over and they gather there and every once in a while they would attemt to break up the system.

There is a corador that runs thru the four corners area. They were looking for ways to break down the system using this corador. Unfortinately there ship crashed in the four corners area and came down in August of 1947. Who was in the ship? Star Elders?

If you were Ra and got kicked out and you want to come back. If you were Enlil and got kicked out and you want to come back. Do you think the wolf people want to come back from the Serius solar system. The reptilian queen personally will take out those who want to undue her. Do you think the lizards might turn on her?

There is a war on right now and we happen to be the guardians and tenders of planet Earth. It's our task when we fight over the farm, we don't bother the bees that maintain the farm. You must not allow him to be disturbed. You must not drain the system of the farm. There is a war of products.

Earth Hands

He's approached by a being from another galaxy and in that galaxy there is no system. There beings have in there evolution have left the need for a physical body and learned to use internal energy and learned to use there internal essense to climb the mountain. Let's just build an Escalator.

These being from another galaxy with the evolutionary formula and pluged as a humanoid bird. As they evolved these beings lost there density, they lost there need for a physitcal body however they liked having wings but in the dark where there is no sunlight the energy beam flows.

You really want to give them passion and independent free will. This is what we will do, were going to give you one of our own strands of our dna and your hard wired into the beast and your going to condem him to passion. That unexplicable fire. He took that DNA and went to the beast and wired the stranding like wow.

the Galaxy DNA

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