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Speaking at a certain tone. Connecting with your ancestors. You've heard these messages inharently before. Speaking or chanting different words, you can trigger different beings, different ancestors. Full remote access or why you may resonate with what i'm saying. Ultimately you may not be resonating because the spirit of that being doesn't resonate with your soul. Most High.. Da.


Beings can take you into spaces that aren't so harmonious.

Based on the Constilations: Are you meeting the higher aspects of yourself? We don't remember who or what has happened to us because of the fall: "adam & eve", so we're gullible. Make visable the tricksters in your thoughts. Teleport out of here from the center of our circle "black dot in the center", out of the 360 or 720 degree center to your next 360/720 center circle. You may go `up or down "illusion", depending on your karma and mastery.

The Circle talks about our history. The Constilation, Pieces. That's the age we just left. Pieces, the 13'th sign, the ending of the circle, the 13'th government and it's the beginning of your new dream. Certain beings "?" are keeping us locked into this circle and in this dream.

We are now in the age of Aquarius. A sycic connection with another realm. Now it's the time of the subconcious. More on the inner level and not the out level. A time when the pyramids were covered with water. They're very old, they were built in the last age of Aquarius: "20 thousand years old". This is a Good time for a quantum leap.

Discovery of the mind. Existance? Prove that the mind in reality, exists in the brain? You interpret reality with you brain. This computer, the technology from Aquarius, your form factor, from this dimension or others; you were a computer for other beings.

Our Spiritual Sun, Sirius


the History of Astrology

The Babylonians are generally credited with the birth of astrology.

The Zodiac (derived from the Greeks meaning "circle of animals") is believed to have developed in ancient Egypt and later adopted by the Babylonians.

The Signs of the Zodiac are subdivided into four groups:

  • Fire Signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Air Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
  • Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Approximately 2000 B.C., Babylonian astrologers believed that the Sun, Moon, and the five planets known at that time (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus) possessed distinct powers. Mars, for example, appeared to be red and was associated with aggression and war.




Every 25 thousand years, the north pole star aligns. The Stars are the record keepers of our evolution. This includes your Akashic records.


  • Pieces (the governance of Pieces) "Man and woman being locked together is the beginning of pieces. This is how it all began when we incarnated here. 200 years ago was the end of Pieces. We've been on earth for millions of years and have been thru all the ages hundreds of times. Pieces represents Noom 'underwater project, the hidden one, ogdoad misteries'. Represents Elokoom "african hidden treasure". We were hiding in the waters when the ???? came to this planet. The beginning of the waters. Sleep and more ignorances. Pieces has no defense. Very Fishie. Can run but can't climb trees "too slimy".

  • Aquarius (Water Bearer) "12'th sign of the zodiac". Aquarius represents a human or ET (whatever you want to call her or him) Carrying water. Walking around on two feet "like a walking fish out walking". More like the mermaids that knew how to woddle. Oceans formed, Lakes and streams and rivers formed. This is why Aquarius is the water bearer.

  • Capricornis (The Government of Capricornis: The Warrior). Represents water. We were one during the time of the Capricorn government. The typhoon represents when the water attacked us. Shapeshifter and transform himself into a fish "maybe even a bablefish". Represents the god Pan who is all out for the flute. 666 resonates with Capricorn.

    Drive away these domonic forces thru music depending on the force and the music and your personal taste. We went to War "Arcons" at different times and ways. Even going to war with ourselves/yourselves. The goat of mendes for instance. The Botamist. Cold and callouce at times, because we/they had to remember more serious incarnations on this planet when we/they were under different forms of attack. At the very peak of the technology, we were attacked by it's convience.

  • Sagitarious (the Milk Dipper: Male Warrior). Center of the Milky Way of the galaxies. Bow and arrow pointing at going back, when men were fighting women, or reconquire them. Different males have to fight different females to get where we are at today as females rule this planet. From the Drako Star constalation, the women (water empire) ran from us "the drako's". They came here and setup empires. The Sinatar "part horse and part male". Man taking back what's there's. Take back this planet and get the resources.

  • Afukus (the Snake, the government of the Snake). He is the Serpent, the snake bearer, raping around the rod in Medical staff. Heal the humans and even the planet. Afukus has a star that flars up every twenty years so were in the age of Afukus at certain times. It lit up last in 2005. After we get thru the pain and the wars, Afukus shows up.

    The constalation shows up when were in Parell or wiped out. Heal the planet, let's say. He's kinda like a prophet with the prophet energy. the Snake will go hide, when the work is done, go back and hide. Only interested in healing the planet at certain times for proper healing. Money has that dominating feature to it so you lose sight of your nature. Understands Testostorone as a form of healing. the Tenticles are in the Endocrine system. Master and Remaster the Flesh and the Cot. Healing the extinct species. Save the History is the government of evolution.

  • Scorpio (the Secret, the government of Scorpias). The crab; they pinch, they bite, a time of war, and our evolution as well. Feminine sign. When the women faught the men, thay were trying to pursue them. So Satitarious is poining his bow and arrow at Scorpio however Afukus is in the way. Afukus is Scorpio's cosmic bodyguard. The male returning to conquire then the femine aspect of ascended beings that were the warriors.

    Scorpions like to hide and is ruled by mars. This represents a time when women were much more agressive and they used there sexual powers as a means of fighting off the control from the Orion group beings. Gaia sent the Scorpion to kill Orion. She used different weapons to fight and protect ourselfs. Lust with sex internally.

    Androgynous Women of the outback remote, placed the weapons throughout the world to protect us/them from the Orion group. Scorpio was also a security system against violent creatures of the sea. It's still that way tell this day. The underwater empires and the pyramid in Japan "Sunken pyramid off the island of Yonaguni near Okinawa in the Devil’s Sea, Dragons Triangle". There is a sun in the center of the earths underworld and there were/are mermaids there, yta, yta, yta,. It stops and starts. Scorpios look for lot's more then sex.

  • Lebra (Two scales of Universal Law). Lebra ends the war because of the fact and first law: "Were All One". There were the teachings of Atlantis. The shift from Lumeria and the water to Atlantis like the walking fish. We are all one on a different level. It should always be the levels with the scales of Lebra. We are the ET's phoning. The balance that must take place. Represents more of our Intellect. Lebra is a constalation associated with MA'AT. Tahuti and MA'AT were Hilling because they were companions and they worked together.

    Universal Law is the gospel to help to heal the land during this part of our governments evolution. True law and not a game. Balance the world and the genders. The Reptilians against the Homosapiens. There are 7 Universal Laws to be in harmony with other beings on this planet. Each planet has a council "order and structure". Out of chaos comes order.

  • Virgo (Maiden or Virgin). Virgin Mary from Sirius. The Pure Woman, the Pure Virgin. Represents the purity of the body, eating good foods. Nurturing. Always connected to a darker counterpart because she's connected to Pluto. Pluto represents the dark energy, negative ground, like a magnet, "Mercury is the oposite positive". The perfect marrage between light and dark. Represents balance and relationships in times when humans interact to create harmony and peace, loving each other taught thru Lebra's universal law "all law is one".

    There's only one emotion which is love. The roles of the woman and the roles of the man are defined. Build the love on earth. Work in harmony with one another, simular to adam and eve. Virgo is a human being sign as well. Cleanleness. Concept of god thru order and structure. Marrying out of wars. This is a time of celebration being married to the darker energy partner, "Pluto". Good eating habits and balaning thru nutriton. The Civilization and how we work together.

  • Leo (Government of Hero's) 12,000 years ago was Leo's hayday. Jesus was a Leo. During the time of the egyptian gods, Mary being from Virgo perpaired the world thru marage for Jesus. Mirage sign of Horus and Leo is Shakmet, Protector. Simular to Hercules. The aspects of a Male and Female Jesus avatar. This took place over several star constilations. A saviour has come to save humanity. As humans as the meddle men living on the land, we/they told the story that adam started of at mars "the Adam on mars syndrome". Adam represents the Hero, the Avatar, the Crishna. the Moses, the Prophits and the Saviours.

  • Cancer (the Goverenment is Misunderstood). Feminine sign. Going back to the water. the War was just about ready to break out. We were underwater here as androgynous beings. Small squirmishes broke out. Very artistic. Represented by the Scarab Beetle "female art in it's hayday and height". It was a defense mechanism to prevent the male takeover but she was weak and unsuccessful because of the conquering of certain males that are located in the center of the earth.

    They came from Vulcan, from under there water, the "male mermaids". Women control this world behind the scenes. There are times when men control the world behind the scenes so it flutuates. Females rebelling from the male the first time underwater and certain defences were applied "the crab representation". We enjoy this planet already thank you, and you want what, so that would cause squirmishes.

    They were definately not the same males as today being underwater mermaids from Vulcan. The male aspect that lives underwater. The cancer represents the weakness like a crab that can pinch but really doesn't have any defense. The weaker aspect of a warrior. Domestic Violence, she just wants to get back at you. Female aggression is not like male aggression. That is what cancer is all about, "the grounding of the child".

  • Gemini (the Twins). A time in our evolution when we lived in the air. We flew, how else could we live in the air. Just like Marry Poppins however mary poppins was lofty but she's couldn't fly a bird like we could. Bringing up demons, gargoyles or dimi-gods. There are 24 diffent extrateritrial groups that were used duing the "cretion of adam & eve". Some of these earlier versions "Ancestors" are still flying around. They want to seperate them but they end up staying together. This represents our true selves. Higher and lower self.

    Your higher self is more Celestrial in origin and your lower self is Terrestial, even Aquatic origins. That could go deep either direction. The mind aspect, the celestrial aspect, the pure god of the higher self "imagination", and the sexual warrior of the lower. Keep drinking or your throat will go dry like represents experimentation, like a scientist. Communication and deplomacy. Not a warrior, doesn't want to fight. Just wants to merge with communication and science. The merging and balance of your two selves.

  • Torus (the Bull- Lust Government). Sexual tantra's and women. Lust for power, money, different things. Scorpio is the opposite of Torus. Torus's are more on the lusting then straight on sexual. It's because of the bull who is very lustful. Bull market, short gain. Invest in the short term, kinda freaky. Learn about our sexuality, oneness and abundance.

    To amask more then enough. Inanna is Torus and that's more than enough. Torus is harmless for the most part. They will fight, they are warriors and they will protect. Jelious lovers and greedy love. Love thyselfs and hinder they neighbors. The Pladians are really close to Torus as far as the cosmos goes. Very loyal but freaks nevertheless.

    Greed, wants more, and protect what we have. That's the nature of matter and the reality is more greed, you want more, you can never really have enough. Torus you overstand and master control and Balance like the Gemini.

  • Aries (Protection, the Ram, also the Hero). The Animal sign so it was a time when we worshipped animals. Torus does too. When the Hindu's worshipped the cows and different various animals. Reincarnated the animals. Our avatars were animals, "like a horse". We did not kill certain animals because of the connection with them. This took place all over the world. Ra is the head of the Ram for instance. It doesn't matter what planet were on, were just on the surface and our hero's come from that.

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