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The Cosmos is Divine. The Earth is Sacred.

Before the Big Bang
Before the Big Bang


We are part of the universe. The Earth was created from the Universe and one day we will be reabsorbed back into the Universe. We are created from the same matter as the Universe. We are not exiled here, we are at home.

Synchronicity is the divine’s way of saying that you are on the right track and heading in the right direction. Synchronicity is also a sign that you are connected to the potential of the Universe and are vibrating at a high frequency.


Christ Conciousness

The cosmos is devine. The earth is sacred
We don't hate on the Agents, the Agents hate on the Realness.

If You're here to devide and seperate the people, Then you're an Agent. Lawless demons, learn to desire Christ Conciousness. You are loved and very well deserved. To the Haters, Relate.

Follow Da Most High's laws. Most of the rainforest tribes on our planet are connected with Da Most Highs laws. They connect with the forest trees, the rocks and spirits all around them. They haven't left the garden of eden yet. Everything is with natures spirits and what the forces are doing.

You need messengers and churches because you left the garden of eden. Now your walking around dead souls and dead spirits. Your bringing in energies from dark worlds and light worlds that are suppose to be at peace. They start merging in with each other.

the Garden of your Mind

The light being's have lost there shell. The container becomes one with the light througout your lifetime. Some of you are waiting for light being's to come save you. When that light being is coming to save you, they are taking your vessel from you so they can have a shell. To merge with you, they say.

The human body is an human animal. If your not naviagating your own thrown in your own ship, some other entities will come in and control your ship for you. These entities are sometimes called reptilians or lawless demons who know how to manipulate time and space. You get barrowed from another demension to take your control.

Once you violate Da Most High laws and lower your weakness and vibration down, that's when the entities swoop down and attack and merge with you. They are playing your sympathy.

Evil Entities

It's when your down and crying about yourself "in trouble from something" and that's when they know they have you at a weak state and can take you over. They swoop all the way inside and whisper in your ear. There not a familiar spirit and they merge with you then they lock you up inside a cell inside your own body. Inside your own conciousness and start talking for you. Every now and then they'll let you come out and speak a bit. Shut up, were in control, and off you go.

That's the host. People fall sympathy for somebody "fall victim to their possessions". If you fall for those possessions, then they bring in more entities to use your carrier vessal too. Nothing but dark forces giving you the illusion that they have the light. Everthing is so exciting and illuminating but are you illumiated before you go to dark forces?

Human Energy Field

Da Most High fought the forces between the dark and light. He sat aside force for the dark and the light and brought masters to situate and control the people (beings). You have the light forces going over to the dark side to get a rush. Someone who wants to play both sides. You can have some fun on the dark side and bring the parasites back to the light. Noy.

Be still and repent. Are you going to walk with Da Most High or your going to walk with the devils?

How to do you know if there is an entity inside a friend or it could be family member or an associate. One who keeps changing there names has domonic entities. One who has the 7 deadly sins or sinners. Angelic entities from different realms and they're all using that body as a whore. If you could see the entity you would see a huge auric field 3 times your size with dragon wings "like the demon on the Golden Child movie". You're inside a micro and macro world.

the Golden Child
The Golden Child

As soon they start to rise up to the 13'th chakra, bam the 7 deadly sins hits there ass. They start coming from 7 different ways and they don't know what the hell there talking about. The first thing they do is start hating. They start hating to get rid of anything good inside that body and they start hating.

Because they know that body is the body of christ. 13 parts of the body covering 13 hierarchical beings or 13 most high's that control that body. They are from the original 13 beings that came down to this universe. Get back and repent, plant your seeds.

You are a seed. The spirit is a seed. Some seeds are going to grow good, some seeds are going to grow bad. You're not a soul yet, just a seed. When the seed start to grow outside of the soil or soul inside the black mist inside body, it start spiraling up. It spirils from the darkness and into the light. The right fruit would be the good fruit but some tree's do bear bad seeds and bad fruit.


Get rid of the bad seeds by burning them up. The Vital life force inside the kundalini (sushumna) rises up inside and burns out all the bad destructive fires then cleanes the body. Do you feel your backbone burning? Love yourself and enjoy.

Don't let yourself get into fear because fear is what weakens you. Have love for yourself then you've have love for others. Have fear for yourself then you'll have fear for others, You're going to have hate for yourself then your going to have hate for others.

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