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The MerKaBa:

The Light Body, the vehicle of Ascension. The Light Body has a connection with the Merkaba, the Egyptian word for Soul. The vehicle of your soul. When you astral project, you are in your “Merkaba”.

The MerKaBa is entirely geometric in shape and nature. The geometry is referred to as Sacred Geometry. This Sacred Geometry is in the creation patterns of all things in Creation and Evolution.

the MerKaBa


The human heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body. While the brain does have an electrical and a magnetic field, they are both relatively weak compared to the Heart. The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.

The Merkaba rotates when activated. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit / body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit / body from one dimension to another.

Auras, Torus, and the Shri Yantra are forms of the MerkaBa. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.

Humpback Whale Bubble Ring

The invisible, divine energy that actually surrounds every living thing in the universe is the aura. It is scientifically proven that electromagnetic fields exist around every object in the known world. The Bubble Ring above shows an example of the torus.

The Sri Yantra is a series of interlocking triangles with a perfect ratio of 3.14 or the divine number, Pi. Representation of the primordial sound, Aum. The Sri Yantra is a collection of 16 interlacing triangles around a bindu which is a point of focus for the mind.

Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra: The Ultimate Fractal for Healing.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

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