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Chronology: our World and the Universe
Timeline: Our time here


Goddess energy is penetrating this planet

Ra's sister "Innana Tiamat, On High". Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Love, Wisdom, War, Fertility and Lust. She has arrived, known and addressed, Honored and Revered.

Goddess energy is penetrating this planet

There was a time when the earth was covered in water. There were only woman here on this planet. It was a water empire and it was difficult to see the sun "the ra" as the athmophere was much thicker.

Before the waters of earth resided, the Anunaki did experiments. Well get back to that. the Watchers.

the Baka Pigme Tribe
Current Baka Rainforest Pigme's

So, let's go to Ethiopia to the Pigme's (the Pigme Tribe 'female's only': the oldest tribe on the planet), They mastered the science of reproduction, mental tantra's, and understanding higher lost sciences and knowledge; things like that.

There were only women tribes on the planet (10,000 years ago) and they were very different. They were darker, quite aggressive and warlike "demonized and masculinized serpents". They didn't have cycles, cycles of the moon. They were like Black Stallions.


That's when the Anunnaki arrived from their (heaven's) to the earth. So the Adam and Eve thing happened: Project Khnum. We exprienced the fall, darkness and ignorence (around 10,000 years ago) and we became slaves because we lost the knowledge and became bound to our flesh, desires, senses, and fears.

Now the Anunnaki brought their own divine feminine "the light goddess energy" and helped the Amazonian Mermades become less dark and aggressive. Because the Anunaki came with the light, they call(ed) the goddess energy light.

Anywho, Inanna (Venis) taught them love, compassion and stimulating feelings "to be more intuned with the physical body". A conquering strategy and she used the doctrin of love to do it. Softem them up let's say, so they could conquer the planet.

Some type of con game, she basically took the women of our earth and had them partake in experiments to bring out the male within them. Yea, the male species was already there and Inanna knew how to bring force the sword and manifest the male being.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venis because the male is Martian "transported the genetics from mars" and mixed the genetics with different females and animals here.

We all have this goddess energy. Doesn't matter who you are. Our Microcondrial DNA always follows the female's blood.



Lemurian Age



The Atlantaeans were not a particularly peaceful people; the legend is they were as corrupt as our leaders and their followers today in pursuing their own form of imperialism.

There is a heavy emphasis on alien involvement from ancient times up to not so long ago (Japan) all being part of ancient hidden civilizations. Atlantis utilized crystal power for almost all its energy needs.

Lemuria aka MU and Atlantis are from Sirius Alpha Centauri...



Nimrod (Osiris in Egypt).. Founder of the first world empire at Babel.. Death 2167BC. Caesarea Phillipi - Nimrod Fortress.. GPS Coordinates: 33°15'7.40"N, 35°42'49.98"E

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  Khnum 'kan-noom', part of the Ogdoad "8 on the council"  













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