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Pleiadian Inner and Outer Soul
invoking meditation prayer

Let's talk with our soul that is holographically connected to the cosmic universal soul. Remember: There are souls in every organ "chi energy". You can talk to your heart and you can talk to you liver and tell it to heal. When your connected to your heart, your automatically in, ouf, and for the service.

Holographically connected
Ego Freak Trip: Your Identity

Let the day fade away. Listen to the sounds around you. Listen to the sounds within you. Is there a taste on your tonge? Is there a sent in the air? Is there any light behind your eyes? How do you feel? Are you warm? Are you comfortable? Know that you are safe even when you are being completly vulnerable. Consciously choose to let go of your thoughts and if they continue to rise during this meditation, simply return to the
moment. Do not judge or attach to your thoughts. Brush them away like Dust Bunnies.

Deeper and Deeper into your body. Feel the aliveness within you. Feel the aliveness all around you. Let go of any worries about the past. Let go of any need to worry about the future. You cannot control the future.

Light River

The only way to effect the future is in the present by remaining present and allowing power and light to flow thru you. Focus your intention on opening yourself to this light and everything you desire, everything you want will come to you. There is no need to control, mannipulate, overthink, or judge. Feel your body move.

Take in a deep breath and send golden light thru your head down into the very depth of your being. Allow that light tospread into your body. Send that light to anywhere in your body that there is pain. If there is pain in a specific place, send that light to that place and tell that place that you love it. Tell that place that it has the power to heal it's self. Tell it to do a good job and thank it.

Let go of any worry of any need of where you are. Let go of the need to hold on to any identity. Let go of your plans for the future. Let go of any chores for the day. Let go of the need to worry about your work. The only thing that you have to do now is be inspirated and be in the beauty of this moment.

Let Go

Let go of any ideas about yourself. Let go of any ideas you have about yourself that your taking on from other people or that you created. If you are a mother, a father, let that go. If you are a banker, a lawyer, an artist, let that go.

These concepts are misrepresentations and do not represent who you truly are. Who you truly are is formless, is boundless, is limitless and trying to fit something limitless into a box and encapsulating it with a label causes pain, disconnects you from your true power, and keeps you in seperation. Let go, let go.

If any fear arises, send it love and give it light. If any thoughts arise about yourself, about your image, about the past, about the future, let it go. The ego is synonymous with time. Without attaching to a moment in the past, or endlessly planing for a future, an imaginary future, the ego dies.

If you feel feer arise by surrendering the fear, it's only the fear of death and your ego. In truth there is no death, there is only life. There is only consciousness. You are an internal being inhabiting a human body for a short time.

Limitless Cosmos

To think and to reley on thinking souly for a since of solace will ultimetly lead to suffering. So I invite you today to let go. I invite you today to surrender to your limitlessness.

To your true potential and what you truely are which is pure potential which has no name, which has no form, which has no gener, which has no role, which has no job, which does not require money to feel happy which is not required for a perfect relationship.

A partner to feel whole that does not require material posessions to feel stable. Surrender to the unknown, Surrender to this moment and know that you are safe. In your volerability you are completly safe. You are one with everything.

Nothing can hurt you because you are everything. Send love to anything you fear. Know that true power comes from surrender. The thinking is arrising continually now, take a deep breath and let go.

Think deeper into your body. If there is still any contraction, send that contraction love, send that contraction feeling. Continue to set and surrender deeper and deeper into this meditation.

I am Light

You are completely safe when your volnerable. You are completely protected at all moments. In your volnerability there is a divine order and you are a part of that divine order. You are a part of the light that you are seeking. The love you are seeking.

The love you are seeking is within you. Anything that you think outside of you that's going to bring you love is within you. Anything that your striving for, anything that you want to control, to bring to you for a sence of power, for a sence of freedom, for a sence of love, everything your seeking, all of those feelings, all of those things that you want exists within you.

You are not seperate from the world around you. You are not seperate from the people that you love. from the nature that sustains you, the animals that take care of you and balance you.

You are not seperate
You are not seperate like this bridge

From the rocks, from the water, from the air, from the sky. All seperating is an illusion of the mind. All fear is rejected in the moment that your in. It's the resistence to the moment that your in. Fear dissipates naturally when you accept the memory entirely, there is nothing else but now.

Reject the moment that you in and seek another one. To clame to an imaginary past or to an imaginary future is insane. The moment that your in is all you have. Once you enter into it fully and stop labeling it as good or bad you'll see that it just is. You are a part of the unfolding of unconcosiness, you are a part of god.

It is your purpose here to unfold and expand and to send love and light to the world. That is how important you are and that is how powerful you are. In order to feel that power, in order to be in power and feel safe, you must surrender now. You must let go of the need of thinking.

The mind will never solve your problems. The mind will never allow you to be satifified, the mind will never allow you to be free. Let go of thinking. The mind is a tool, that all.

Return to the moment

Return to the moment. Take a deep breath of the beautiful golden light and take that to your heart. Focus on your heart, Feel your connection to your heart. Listen to it beat. Feel the beating of your chest. Feel the connection to the love that you are. Release, Release, Release, and surrender to the moment to whatever you want.

Every moment is a chance for you to surrender to life. The power that flows into you, the energy that gives you life is not seperate from you. Letting go allows you to have more control over this world.

Surrender to the highest part of you and invite that to merge with you now. Invite that part of you to merge with your heart. Allow yourself to be with your heart and stay connected in your heart throughout the day.

Shut your eyes so you can release the need to do anything.

Thank yourself, forgive yourself in this moment of surrendering. Peace and Clarity.

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