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The Anunnaki

The Reptilian Anunnaki are known by the Attas as the Ducaz.
The Vulturite Anunnaki are known by the Attas as Pers-sires.
The third largest group of Anunnaki are known to the Attas as the Masa-karas.

Primal Deities

  • Nu (Nun, Inert One, Primordial Watery Abyss). Nunet is the female aspect.
  • Arta (Cosmic order). Source of All .
  • Anu or An (God of the Sky) was the king of Nibiru. God of the Sun and Sky. Freshwater.
  • "EL" (Elohim or Ely-on) in the Bible. Son of Ansar and Kisar.
  • Ki/Eretz (Pulthih Mater. Prithvi). Raw matter.
  • Nammu (Tiamat, Tehom, Thalassa or Ummu-Hubur). "Monstrous embodiment of primordial Chaos / Goddess of the Ocean".


Major Deities

  • Ansar. Father to Enki.
  • Enki (EA, Nudimmud, Adonai. Lord of Earth or In Earth). The Serpent (Adam&Eve) 'God of Water' and Humanity`s Father. One who is in the KI. Son of Anshar. Ptah in Egypt.
  • Ninhursag (Mami, Belet-ili, Nintu, or Mammitum). Daughter to Anu, not Antu (lady-life). Mother Goddess. Humanity's Mother. Goddess of the Sea element: saltwater. Hathor in Egypt.
  • Mammu (Mother Mom).
  • Enlil (Ilu, Allah, "Sky God and the Winds") Enki's Brother. Lord of the Command.
  • Marduk (Amun Ra, or Assur). Son of Enki and Damkina. Was the Priest of the most high God & Storm God aka Melchizedek. Mother was Damkina. was cousin to Nergal.
  • Dumuzid (Adan, Ninurta, Daignu, Dagon, and Adonis). Husband to Inaana, "Fertility God and Sheppard King". Son of Enlil and half brother to Nergal.
  • Maw (Mot, Ishkur, Balu-Haddu, Baal-Hadad, Death God and God of Storms). Ninlil's and Enlil's son.
  • Anat (War Goddess).
  • Nabu (Nab). Marduk's Son "God of Wisdom and writing".
  • Ereshkigal. Wife to Nergal. Inanna's sister? "reigns over Irkalla, the Land of the Dead".
  • Nergal (Meshlamtea, Erakal, Assur, Kamos, and Dur). "God of War, Death and Plague" "Lord of the Great Dwelling". Associated with the planet Mars. father is Anu, Mother is Ninhursag. Husband of Ereshkigal.
  • Inanna (Attartu, Astarte, and Ishtar). "Goddess of Fertility, Love, Sex and War". The Lady of Edin. Divine Powers from Enki.
  • Gaga (Ansar's Minister). Kisar probably Enki's mother.
  • Alalu (the first king). Not sure what planet or Nibiru..???.
  • Anshar (God of the Celestrial World). Father to Enki and was Anu's Father.
  • Kishar (Earth and Female Principle). She was Anu's mother.
  • Gibil Nusku (Nunska, Assyrian Fire God). Governor of God and Men. Son of Anu.
  • Gulu (Earth Mother Goddess). Daughter of Anu.
  • Nanna (Warikhu, Yarikh and Sin) Goddess of the moon.
  • Utu (Samsu and Shamasha). The Sun God.
  • Sofia. Wife of Enki. Daughter of Anu. Mother of Marduk (Ra) and Ava Maria.
  • Ningishzidda (Quetzalcoatl, Thoth, Mermes, Viracocha). Son of Enki.
  • Anshur. Head of Assyrian Pantheon. Equivalent of Enlil.
  • Abzu (Apsu or Engur). God of Fresh Water. Husband to Tiamat.
  • Ninsar. Daughter to Enki and Ninhursag. "Lady Greenery".
  • Ninkurra (Lady Fruitfulness or Lady Pasture). Father is Enki and her mother is Ninsar.
  • Uttu (Weaver or Spider). Father Enki and mother Ninkurra.
  • Lahmu. Apsu & Tiamat was his parents. "The Muddy Ones". Father of Anshar?
  • Lahamu. Apsu & Tiamat for was parents "The Muddy Ones".
  • Lilith. (Daughter of Darkness). Omichle was her grandmother. Anu, Damkin, Ea, Eriskegal, Mami were her cousins.
  • Eriskegal (Allatu, Ganair, and Irkalla, Queen of the Great Below). Anu was her father. Kishar was her mother and Nergal was her husband.
  • Lillu. Lilith's sister.
  • Ardat. Lilith's sister.
  • Irdu. Lilith's sister.
  • Lilin. Lilith's son.
  • Pothos. Lilith's grandfather.
  • Namtar (God of Death, Negative Aspect of Fate, Disease Bringer). Former husband to Lilith.
  • Uras (Goddess of Earth). Consorts of Anu. Grandmother to Gilgamesh.
    Anzu. Started the Marsbase Lahmu.
  • Nanshe (Goddess of Social Justice, Prophecy, Fertility and Fishing). Springs and Waterways.
  • Damkina (Damgalnuna) Alulu's daughter and Enki's wife. Also Nergal's Aunt.
    Ullikumis. Cousin to Nergal.
  • Nammu. Enki's mother.
  • Isimud (Usumu). Nammu advisor.
  • Ninsun (Ninsuna, Lady Wild Cow). Uras was her mother.
  • Gilgamesh. Son of Ninsuna. Erech was his home.
  • Ninlil. (Goddess of Air and Lady of Command). Concert of Enlil. Half sister to Nergal.
  • Nannar. Ninlil's and Enlil's son. First Nibiran Royal born.
  • Ningal (Zarpadit) was sister to Nergal.
  • Ninki?
  • Ningishzida? (Akkad, God of the Constellation Orion). There is that connection to Anu again.
  • Enmerkar (is Nimrod). Baal Hadad was half brother to Nergal.
  • Asherah. Step-mother to Nergal.
  • Martu. Half brother to Nergal.
  • Gatumdug. Half sister to Nergal.
  • Ninmah (Higher Self Awareness).
  • Sud. Ninmah's assistant (lookup more?).
  • Ninurta (Champion of the Gods and God of Agriculture). The son of Enlil and was born by Ninmah.
  • Ishkur. Son of Enlil.
  • Kingu (Qingu, Supreme Dominion). Tiamat's son and became her husband?
    Ereshkigal (Irkalla, Goddess of the Underworld). Wife of Nergal.
  • Allatou. Wife of Nergal.
  • Tammuz (Dumuzi, God of Food and Vegetation). Descended from Dumuzid.
    Gizzida (God of Healing and Lord of the Tree of Truth).
  • Imdugud (a Rain God) He was shaped like an eagle with a lion’s head.
  • Ningursu (God of Irrigation and Fecundity).
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  • Anunnagi, "Shining Ones" or "Star Children";
    NTR/Neter/Neteru, (Egyptian);
    DIN.GIR; "The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets";
    Tchatcha; Watchers; (Jewish),
    Zophim; Nephilim/Nefilim, "Those who have come down, from the heavens to the Earth" or "those who have fallen".
    Anakims; Nifleheim, (Norse);
    Jotuns; ILU, (Akkadians) "Lofty Ones" from which the Hebrew biblical El stems.
    Ba'al; Lords/Anukim, (Canaanites and Phoenicians).
    Devas, "Shining Ones" (Aryan, ancient Scythian also "Elf Lords of the Scythians").
  • Titans, "Sons of Anu", and "Spirits of the Stars" (from Sumerian TI.TI.AN) "Sons of Stone".
  • Fir Bolg' (Scandinavian)







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